The Clegameron

Stoneware, T Material, with underglaze colours. Height 48 cms

Malcolm Law ceramics

Over the last few years my work has taken a satirical direction and the election proved fortuitous. Working with clay can never be immediate, given that there is always a three to four week lead time with making, drying and firing.

However, the great general election – or, depending on your viewpoint, great national disaster - delivered twins in the form of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, and some marvellous visual opportunities. My pre-election thoughts, along with Gordon Brown, were consigned to the clay bin as contemplation on future life with a double headed deity came to mind. A significant beginning - how will it end?

“The Clegameron”

Constrained in a pinstriped suit – fingers crossed by one and second thoughts by the other, but both putting on a good front.

“The Clegameros”

An interesting creature - never sure in which direction to go and poor eyesight will make it difficult to spot a back bench rebellion.

“Dave & Nick”

Making a “journey” pulled by this locomotive is always going to be eventful.

Technical notes

The work is all hand built using slabbing, modelling and fired to stoneware. The body used is T Material, coalesced with underglaze colours and gold and platinum lustre. Each piece is fired up to 3 times.


The Clegameros

Stoneware, T Material, Craft Crank with underglaze colours. Platinum lustre. Height
22 cms

Malcolm Law Ceramics
The Clegameron, Clegg Cameron
©Malcolm Law

Malcolm Law Ceramics
Nick & Dave
©Malcolm LawMalcolm Law Ceramics
The Clegameros, Cameron and Clegg
©Malcolm Law

Nick and Dave

Stoneware, T Material, with underglaze colours and gold and platinum lustres. Height 24 cms

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