The themes are based on life, often including mythological figures in anachronistic situations. Nautical themes including Neptune and Britannia are frequently used as central figures, although more recently, since the economic turmoil, I have been producing work of a more political nature. There is humour in my ceramics, sometimes apparent, though often the viewer has to look closely to appreciate the subtle comedy.

Neptune, or Poseidon if you prefer, may not be proficient on the piano but if he was, would Britannia have accompanied him on her mandolin? And wouldn’t the sea water play havoc with the tuning? Many of the figurative ceramic pieces contain a timepiece in the composition – the time – always four o’clock – tea time!

Most of my work is “one-off” although themes may be revisited with the same players but interpreted differently. The clay I use is T Material with the occasional use of Craft Crank. The work is hand built using slabbing, coiling and modelling techniques. The tools

include found objects, bits of old pens, an old scalpel, and some are specially carved from pieces of wood and the handles of old paint

Malcolm Law Ceramics
Painting Columbus discovering the edge of the World
©Malcolm Law
Photograph by Deborah Treliving

I am happy to discuss commissions with clients who may like aspects of their life incorporated in a piece of work. If you would like to explore the possibilities please contact me via my email address above.

All photographs copyright Malcolm Law

brushes. Underglaze is used to colour the white work and black iron oxide and manganese oxide are used to detail the others. All work is biscuit fired to
1000°C, and fired to stoneware at 1240°C in an electric kiln. Gold and platinum lustres are applied to pick out points of detail which then requires a third firing to 740°C.

My ceramic sculptures are in collections in Australia, Spain, Japan and America. I took part in the West Country Craftsmen UK-Japan 1999-2000 exchange exhibition at Nagi Moca Museum of Contemporary Art and other venues in South West Japan.

My work has appeared in many of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen exhibitions and can be seen and bought in their shops.

I have been a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen since 1988, and was chairman from 1992 to 1994 and from 2001 to 2004. In 2011 I was made an honorary Vice President of the Guild.


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Malcolm Law Ceramics
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Malcolm Law Ceramics
The Sun, Re, Horus, Apollo, Surya - call it what you will has long been the source of worship of many around the world. Malcolm Law ceramics