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Malcolm Law—Devon based maker. Hand built original ceramic sculpture including Neptune, Britannia, Wellington, Nelson and other figures from mythology, history, politics and themes of the Sea. The work is highly detailed, often humorous with the subject in anachronistic and nautical situations. All made in a studio overlooking the sea.

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150 Years

Lewis Carroll’s

“Alice’s Adventures

in Wonderland”

1865 - 2015

Malcolm Law
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
©Malcolm Law 2015Malcolm Law
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
©Malcolm Law 2015Malcolm Law
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
©Malcolm Law 2015

Lewis Carroll’s amazing adventure, certainly deserves a re-acquaintance. Tenniel’s illustrations are wonderful and created a great starting point for work. My colour choice for the characters is based on the colour variations created by other illustrators such as Harry G. Theaker, (supplying the blue dress, the blonde hair and the “Alice” band). The colours have varied in different editions over the years.

I’ve tried to cover as many of the characters

in their own world (the sphere) as possible within the piece and to suggest its Victorian background with the ornate architectural structure. There are many interesting references to time within the story hence the clockwork mechanism below the globe.

Although technically challenging I thoroughly enjoyed creating this celebration piece and have already started to plan “150 Years of Through the Looking Glass” for 2021!

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Malcolm Law Ceramics
Santa Mince Pie Jack in the Box
Stoneware, St Thomas’ Body, with black iron oxide wash, underglaze and gold and platinum lustres. Width 5 cms 
©Malcolm LawMalcolm Law
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
©Malcolm Law 2015